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Welcome to Oltro

Oltro is an progressive Information Technology services firm focused on assisting enterprises to achieve operational excellence through robust strategic planning and the adoption of emerging technologies.

Oltro has expertise in:

  • IT Strategy development
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT project initiaton, and
  • Application packaging and deployment technologies

Oltro was founded in 2008 to focus on the Information Technology needs of the Mining and Resources sector, bringing an appreciation of emerging technologies such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), Mobility solutions and Cloud Computing.

The name, Oltro, is loosely derived from the Italian word 'oltre' meaning 'beyond', and consistent with this, the company strives to 'go beyond' to excel in all its pursuits, but particularly in terms of client satisfaction.

Based in Brisbane - Australia, Oltro has affiliations with a number of key local Information Technology firms to ensure agility and responsiveness in servicing the needs of clients.



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Application Packaging
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